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Communities of the Like-Minded.

Here’s an inspiring video on TED. Love Elif and will look for her books.

So many ideas here for Trusted Advisors.

  1. The dangers of surrounding ourselves with like-minded individuals. Beware cultural ghettos! I think building diverse networks of relationships improves our thinking, creativity and perspectives. That leads to adding greater value to our clients.
  2. See how compelling someone is when she is talking passionately about something she believes. That’s living purposefully.
  3. I like to think that my little TA workshop somehow helps provide knowledge that takes participants beyond themselves. Any comments?
  4. The more we step outside the world we know, the more we discover about ourselves. That’s living consciously.
  5. Personal stories resonant and in my experience are a massively under-used resource for building trust and influencing others. My experience in coaching others to use personal stories in interviews, suggests that are very powerful. Have the courage to use them.

TED is a great site if you haven’t visited before.


Thought leadership

I’m sensing an increasing premium on thought leadership at the moment. We’re living at a time of significant change. A time of opportunity surely, but also danger.

Anything that supports and develops better and more creative thinking should be encouraged. There’s a lot more value in thinking differently at the moment. There’s a lot more value in thinking for ourselves. That’s why I love Twitter as a channel for connecting with a wider perspective on what’s happening in the world. Individual ‘tweets’ may be low value, but hearing how others are thinking makes you think differently. Valuable thoughts emerge from the diverse and potent mix of stimulating ideas. It can’t be premeditated though! You just need to let it happen.

In this spirit, here is an intriguing conversation with  Robert Sapolsky (a Stanford neurobiologist) about Toxo!

It probably has very little to do you’re day job. Unless you’re a neurobiologist!

But I hope it makes you go “wow”. I hope it makes you think about how little we know. I hope it creates an openness to different ideas. I hope it stimulates a curiosity to learn more. I hope it helps you to be a stronger thought leader. And I hope you find it stimulating enough to subscribe to

a NZ leader

Over the last 9 years I’ve worked with many NZ organisations on communication and leadership. I’ll often ask “who do you think of as a great leader?” There has been only one organisation where the people answer with their own Chief Executive’s name! It is always the first name replied. That organisation is New Zealand Post and it’s CE John Allen. In fact people replied with his name before he became CE.

He’s about to leave NZ Post and become the Secretary of Foreign Affairs and Trade. A very interesting career move, that highlights a significant change to a new breed of public sector leaders.

There’s a great Radio NZ interview with John at:

I like what he’s saying about leadership. That it’s learnt, not taught. That it’s co-created, not individual. That it’s thoughtful, not about easy answers. Also the importance of advocacy, debate & diversity, and theatre.

Hope you get a chance to listen.

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