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The wrong question

Enjoyed the recent HRINZ conference in Wellington. The ‘Restoring the Trust’ theme was right on from the current economic environment Well run with a provocative series of speakers especially Roger Steare (Ethicability) , Vanessa Stoddart (Air New Zealand) and ¬†Fermin Diaz (Mercer). The conference ran like clock-work. Well done to Beverley Main and the HRINZ team.

I did take issue with David Thompson (Beyond the Dots) who talked about Talent Management. I think I may be in a minority of people who object to the idea of identifying the few talented ones in an organisation! I don’t think I’m being a socialist here. The whole approach is based on the wrong question – ‘how do we identify and support our talent?’. If you ask the wrong question, you will come up with the wrong answer. Focusing on a relatively few high performance individuals is dumb.

Here’s one of the reasons why. Lets say your talent program identifies 10% of your organisation as talent. If your program raises their performance by 50% (which is hard as they already are high performers) the net organisational gain is a mere 5%.

I think a better question is – ‘how do we unlock the talent throughout the organisation?’ Because if you can raise the performance of the rest of your organisation (the 90%) by just 10% (which is easy as they are low performers) the net organisational gain is 9%. An 80% improvement on focusing on the talented few (ie. 9% instead of 5%).

I’m not an HR professional, but I think …

The problem is that talent management sounds like a good idea. But if HR is to build trust with business, it needs to stop advocating strategies that are fundamentally flawed and will not deliver value to their business. Eventually the results will speak for themselves and Talent Management will fail to meet it’s expectations. That will damage HR’s credibility and reliability which in turn will damage trust.

My second point here is about the art of questioning. Such a powerful and under-utilised skill. Our individual credibility is communicated as much though the questions we ask as though the stories and experiences we share. But take care not to ask the wrong question. Give the right question some consideration.

Of course, I could be quite wrong. Happy to heard alternate points of view.


On the front-line.

Flew back to Wellington yesterday afternoon and was surprised by the flight attendant. It was Rob Fyfe, the Chief Executive. Somehow I felt more satisfied knowing that the CE cared enough about his business to spend time working directly with his customers. Rob said he always enjoyed the experience and went back to his office with a long action list. I joked that if I had a complaint, this would be the flight to make it on. “Or a compliment!” he replied. And, I felt a lot more complimentary about our little airline as a result of that interaction. Well done Rob and well done Air New Zealand. In difficult times, they seem to be trying hard and succeeding.

It reminded me of that sometimes used quote – “nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.” I find that this is what’s missing from a lot of leadership development. Not enough focus on “caring”. You’ve got to care a lot about something to put yourself out in order to achieve something significant.

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