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I spoke yesterday at HRINZ on change and HR. It was version 1.o of some thinking I’ve started on these two topics. It was a start. One of upsides of the current economic turmoil is that its forcing individuals and organisations to think again about ‘value’.

I often encounter unflattering comments about HR’s value from senior and line managers in organisations. I wonder if HR has become overly preoccupied with process, systems, tools, technologies and frameworks. ¬†It reminded me of the IT industry. And led me to thinking about how pervasively we use the web today. It’s a long way from the IT industry I knew in the late 80’s.

The internet has transformed itself from simply a transport mechanism into something that delivers real value to people. The current term being used is Web2.0.

Web2.0 is about technology:

  • as a platform for it’s users to create individual value (eg Flickr)
  • as an architecture of participation (eg blogging)
  • as a means of harnessing collective intelligence (eg Wikipedia)
  • providing users with a rich user experience (eg RSS)
  • letting users pull information to meet their immediate demands (eg Google)

WEb2.0 has lead to an exponential rise in the use and creativity of the web. No change management plan here!

What would HR2.0 look like?

As a starter I’d suggest that HR 2.0 could:

  • insist managers are responsible for achievement of goals aligned with the overall strategic intent of the organisation.
  • let individual managers decide what they need (from HR and others) to achieve those goals. And who, when and how those needs are met.
  • focus at least 70% of their effort and resources (budget) on meeting the individual in-action needs of managers striving to achieve clear goals.
  • work within an organisational framework of clear values, culture and shared sense of accountability.
  • offer a suite of useful tools, frameworks and resources without advocating any.
  • inspire people to be bolder in their sense of possibility and potential.

Interested in talking with anyone interested in further developing this thinking.


A coach, face-to-face with me

A key element of success in any activity is the ability to come face to face with yourself. To robustly interrogate our own thinking and behaviours. It’s very hard to do that from the inside. We need a confidant, a mentor or a coach. Because it’s difficult to see ourselves from the inside. Someone’s got to hold the mirror.

I’m noticing a signifiicant increase in coaching enquiries and work. Perhaps because of the current business climate. It has made me think of the qualities that I respect in my coach/mentor. Apart from the expected professionalism and integrity, here are my top 5 qualities:

  • an unwavering belief/commitment to my potential.
  • a depth of life experience¬† that recognises living without easy answers.
  • a generosity of spirit.
  • an openness to possibility and learning in every moment
  • a sense of play, fun and humour.

Thanks Bob.

If you don’t have a Bob, perhaps you could find one. (I’ve added Bob’s website to my blogroll!)

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